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At PASS, we know that drug and alcohol addiction impacts families in many ways. Believe it or not, drug and alcohol testing can play a role in establishing trust in families who are battling addiction. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • On-site urine screens for immediate results. We offer a 15-panel drug test for the most comprehensive results.
  • Laboratory confirmation of any positive. This will reveal what drug is in the system, and in what amounts. Confirmation of positives is a good way to monitor drug levels if a person is on prescription medications.
  • Alcohol tests that indicate consumption of alcohol within 80 hours of testing.
  • Randomized testing, if requested. Being on a random testing schedule can serve as a tool to keep an addict accountable for their behavior. You can select the schedule that best fits your needs and budget, from once a month to three times a week (or more).
  • Our standard is to do monitored testing for all clients, even those who aren’t testing as a condition of probation.
  • Any of our tests can include a breathalyzer screen at no additional charge.

Fighting a drug or alcohol addiction is often a long-term battle, both for the addict and for their family members. For many addicts, recovery is a life-long process. It usually requires drastic changes: new friends, a change in surroundings, a daily commitment to abstinence from the substance of abuse. Family members often find it difficult to re-establish trust, and many loved ones struggle to set healthy boundaries. If you or a loved one is battling addiction, you may find strength and comfort from one of the resources listed below.


AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)

NA (Nacotics Anonymous)


Teen Challenge

Community Mental Health

Veteran's Association